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Floratech Expands into New Floral Markets


Syracuse, NY (August 23,2010)-- A chain of ethnic-oriented supermarkets in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut purchased a Wall of Color for its recently opened flagship store, said John Patalita, Floratech division manager. The chain provides reasonably priced groceries, with the goal of offering people a wide range of high quality food and produce they recall and love from "back home." Underserved Asian and Latin American communities are particularly targeted. The chain has approximately 30 stores.

A major, Miami-based refrigeration equipment supplier has placed a large order destined for a mega-supermarket in Panama, Patalita added. The supplier selected Floratech since it already supplies major chains throughout Latin America, from Chile to Ecuador. The seven-unit order includes a combination of Wall of Color and Eurovue floral coolers.

Orders for our compact Cool Spot continue to be booked from drugstore chains, convenience stores and smaller supermarket floral departments. Although a perfect place to market impulse flowers, theses stores have always wrestled with having trained personnel in place to service the smaller refrigerated displays. Now however, many floral wholesalers are expressing interest in owning, managing and servicing these smaller ventures, Patalita explained. Cool Spot's small footprint is especially suitable for point-of-purchase promotional displays in high traffic areas and because it draws low voltage, the cooler can be easily moved anywhere in the store as seasonal trends or store traffic demand.

Floratech is a division of Air Innovations. All Floratech products are made in the U.S.A. For more information, email info@floratech.net, call toll-free 800-535-3295 or contact Patalita direct at 315-452-7407.

Cool Spot cooler

Floratech Cool Spot portable floral cooler


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